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Medium Meal Worms
Medium Meal Worms
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Medium Mealworms
(Tenebrio molkitor) 

Mealworms are a good pet food source for reptiles, birds, and fish High in protein and have a great shelf life. 
Good size of food for young reptiles and birds 

Medium mealworms should be stored in a bedding such as our worm chow, which they will eat until it becomes a fine dust, at which point it should be discarded and fresh worm chow should be added, in addition to the bedding small amounts of fruits and vegetables can be added for moisture such as potato, apple, or carrots. 

To store for longer periods of time, they can be refrigerated which will cause them to go dormant. Be sure to take them out once a week for a couple of hours and allow them to eat some potato, apple, or carrot to maintain their moisture. After a few hours of eating discard the fruit/vegetable and place them back in the refrigerator for storage. 

Moisture 59% 
Fat 13% 
Protein 10% 
Ash 1% 
Other % 
Calcium 3.28 (mg/100g)
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