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Wax Worms
Wax Worms
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Wax Worms
(Galleria Mellonella) 

Wax worms make excellent treats for reptiles
Many breeders use them to help fatten up their reptiles Great fishing bait 

Wax worms do not tolerate heat well and should be maintained around 55 degrees. 

The best place to store wax worms for extended periods of time is in the butter tray of the refrigerator, if that is not possible they can be stored at room temperature with low humidity. 

Wax worms do not require feeding as they are at a point in their life cycle that they are just living off the fat stored up in their bodies, so the longer you keep them the smaller they will become. Make sure you remove any dead (black) wax worms from your container as you keep them. 

Moisture 62.6% 
Fat 20.4% 
Protein 15.8% 
Ash 0.8% 
Other 0.4%
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